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BCMolMed stands for Molecular Medicine for Bladder Cancer.

BCMolMed is a European research project i ntegrating multi-disciplinary expertise from academic and industrial investigators. Special emphasis is placed on the application of state of the art proteomics and bioinformatics techniques to clinical research. Research is applied to the identification of biomarkers and molecular determinants of bladder cancer recurrence and invasiveness, due to its clinical significance, availability of molecular data.

Another objective of BCMolMed is training young scientists to become true translational multidisciplinary researchers, understanding hurdles of biomarker discovery, validation and implementation, focusing on the application of state of the art -omics technologies to investigate significant research questions; training in identifying and testing candidate molecules, and training in systems biology approaches applied to decipher molecular pathology and understanding clinical phenotypes.

Seven partners have joined to provide complementary knowledge on molecular biology techniques, systems biology, and clinical samples. Three recruited early stage researchers (ESRs) will be well trained in all needed skills for cross-discipline communication to meet the challenges of the systems biology era.

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