Home Country:  Greece
Host Institution: Mosaiques Diagnostics GmbH, Hannover
Advisor: Professor Harald Mischak
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Research interests:

From the beginning of my studies I was attracted by the field of cancer biology, so I focused on this direction both in basic and applied research. During my bachelor studies, I was specialized in diagnosis of hereditary cancer at the genetic level using PCR and sequencing techniques. During my master studies through my involvement in proteomics research I gained valuable experience in discovery and verification strategies for protein biomarkers, including proteomic platforms for urinary analysis, as well as gene silencing techniques, retroviral expression systems and animal mice models.

Being involved as a PhD student in BCMolMED Marie Curie program, I particularly appreciate the chance to work both in an industrial and an academic laboratory, which is in perfect agreement with my belief for the need of bridging the gap between basic science and clinical diagnostic practice. My current project research is focused on the verification of previously known protein biomarkers for bladder cancer (BC) progression. This involves the establishment of peptide specific biomarker models for diagnosis, progression and recurrence of the disease, based on CE-MS derived peptides. Additionally, the involvement of previously identified proteins in bladder cancer invasion and progression will be also investigated in vivo using animal models. Collectively, by the end of my PhD, I hope to contribute in improving the current diagnostic and prognostic clinical status for BC and elucidating the mechanisms underlying BC progression.


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